Light the Way: Celebrating Earth Month with Aveda

April is Earth Month and Haven is joining Aveda’s initiative to help those in our community Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good.

Celebrating Earth Month is important because of the thousands of lives that are touched:

  • $16 million raised for clean water in 5 years
  • 3,000 women trained in community environmental management
  • 26,000 people benefit from wells and water infrastructure
  • hundreds of other clean-water related projects      source:

Click Here to Watch this video from Aveda to be inspired by EarthMontH2012

How can you get involved? Purchase a Light the Way candle for only $12. 100% of the sales helps to provide clean water. One candle will provide 6 months of clean water to someone.

There are other ways to do your part. Remember that when we live in an eco-conscious way we are protecting the Earth and saving valuable resources. Purchasing 1 litre of shampoo is equivalent to the amount you would get from 4 bottles, except when purchasing the litre you only pay for the price of 3 (you get 1 bottle free!) and 36% less plastic is used.

Do you want to get involved? Purchase a Light the Way candle and spread the message: look good, do good, feel good.

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