Clean up your Act: Tips from Dermalogica

Does your new years resolution to loose weight include a healthier diet?  Healthy foods benefit your body in more ways than just when you eat it to feel energized and help maintain your body shape, healthy foods help your skin too!

Check out these 4 tips from Dermalogica about the the things that are good for your body inside and out:

  1. Forgo that cup of joe and switch to antioxidant herbal teas like Rooibos, a red tea

    from South Africa that is packed with antioxidants. You’ll also find vitamin-packed Rooibos in Daily Resurfacer, the brightening, hydrating exfoliant for shedding dull winter skin.

  2. Stress can greatly impact sleep patterns. Massage a calming aromatherapy blend into the lower spine, across the shoulders and into the scalp as part of your nighttime habit to de-stress. Stress Relief Treatment Oil is great an amazing massage medium that also conditions skin dry winter skin – especially when blended with Body Hydrating Cream.
  3. Olive Oil can help flush out toxins and cleanse your internal system. You can also turn to Olive Oil for the ultimate in skin cleansing! Oil-based cleansers efficiently dissolve long-wear make-up, sunscreens and pollution from skin, allowing your regular cleanser to clean deep into skin. PreCleanse lifts oil-based debris and delivers a smoother, nourished surface.

    Parsley is way more than a garnish. High in Vitamin C, it is known to help detoxify the body on a cellular level while cleansing the immune system. Natural deodorants also contain Parsley, which helps neutralize strong odors! For an aluminum-free, safe alternative to potentially-irritating anti-perspirants, reach for Environmental Control Deodorant. (Another bonus: it won’t leave behind a white residue!)

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