On the Catwalk

After the wrap up of NY Fashion Week, fashion is still on the forefront of many minds. While not all of the looks that were presented in NY last week are realistic for busy moms, business professionals, and chic women in Wisconsin, the Go Red for Women Spring Fashion Show at Macy’s will model looks that can perfectly move from the runway to your wardrobe.

Macy’s will be styling all of the models, both male and female from child to adult. Because each look is coming directly from Macy’s you can be guaranteed it will be a realistic match for your spring closet. Haven’s owner Lisa and her daughter Kaela will both be models in the show. They’ve had a sneak peak at some of the outfits and promise they are exciting and perfect for spring!

And the part were most excited about for the show — Haven will be styling the hair of each model. Prepare to be dazzled as we reveal some of the styles were most excited about for spring. Along with day time, business, and night time looks for men and women, children will also be styled. With prom right around the corner we will also be sharing updo’s that are different than your average prom updo.

The fashion show begins at 12:30 in the Fox River Mall directly in front of Macy’s. Donations are requested for the first 200 people who would like to secure seating. All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association, fighting to end heart disease and stroke, our Nation’s number 1 and 3 leading causes of death.

The first 100 people who donate to the American Heart Association will also receive a SWAG bag, including a $20 gift certificate for a first time salon or spa experience at Haven.

Join us tomorrow at 12:30 to watch the Go Red For Women Spring Fashion  Show at Macy’s. Wear your red and remember if you choose to donate to the American Heart Association you could receive a gift certificate to Haven.

See you at the catwalk!