The Chignon Bun you Can Do Yourself

After attending Advanced Styling with Jon Reyman at the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee Haven stylist Lindsey Grawitch came back to share that she had learned two handfuls of awesome new techniques.

We are so excited that Lindsey was fortunate to be trained under Jon Reyman, Artistic Director to the Aveda Academy New York, because he is a hair rockstar. Having designed shows in New York, Miami, London, Seoul, and Toyko some of Reyman’s celebrity clients include Caroline Herra, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis. Reyman has also been featured in Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar. With a resume like this there is no denying how great the styles will be that Reyman teaches.After the class, Lindsey told us, “this class was inspiring and it was an honor to work with someone so knowledgeable and influential in the industry.”

We are thrilled that as prom and wedding season is arriving we have so many trendy, fashion forward styles to wow our guests with.

There are two myths about special occasion styles we disagree with: 1) they don’t have to be the usual curls that are pinned up, 2) they are not just for special occasions.

One of Lindsey’s favorite styles from the class is a chignon bun. Lindsey tells why this look is great, “the bun is versatile, working in all hair types, and it’s extremely simple to do.” It combines the classic elegance that a bride is looking for with the hot trends of 2012. Better yet, you can do it yourself!

Watch as Lindsey shows how easy this chignon bun is and then reveals how its perfect for a wedding, prom, a night out, or just a day at the beach.

Need to set up an appointment to have a professional style? Would you like to pick up products so you can re-create these looks at home? Stop in or give us a call (920)339-1111.

Meet Liza!

At Haven we love getting to know our guests and make them feel like part of our Haven family. We also want to give our guests the opportunity to get to know all of our stylists. We are team based so we can best serve each guests individual needs. Our stylists are experts in the industry and work together to create a unique experience for everyone that walks through our doors. Our team environment is successful because each of our employees brings their own flare to the table.

Have you meet Liza? She is a master stylist at Haven, the Salon Manager, and a Bb Network Educator. She has been with Haven since 2008 and continues to share her knowledge in Bumble and bumble education. Her specialty, razor cutting with a Bb razor, is just one of the reasons her guests love her!

Liza graduated from Wisconsin College of Cosmetology in 2005 and has since continued her education through many classes. Among her favorites are the Bb classes she has taken in New York city and Chicago, the Strategies training she has received in Connecticut and Texas, and the Keratin Smoothing class she attended in Las Vegas. Liza’s training and experience shows, she loves the look on someone’s face when she creates a desired look for her guest who thought or was told the look was impossible.

Besides her experience she is one awesome multi-tasker, perhaps because of her Sagittarius personality. She can’t wait to see her clients each day and loves helping all of the stylists succeed.

Liza comes to work because she likes to make other people feel good. After having done hair and make up for her friends in high school her passion for the beauty service industry is part of her.

Do you want to experience Liza’s creative work? Schedule an appointment or a complimentary consultation to meet Liza and talk about how she can help you create the look you’ve dreamed of.

Do it yourself Holiday Styles

Holiday parties are fast approaching! While you can always schedule a shampoo style or an updo at Haven, we also want you to be able to create a glam look on your own.

Bumble and bumble editorial stylist Rolando Beauchamp has created three holiday ready looks that anyone can create.

Beauchamp uses one of our favorite products, Bb Texture, to create all three of these easy styles. Pick up your own tube of Bb texture from Haven and watch the how-to video so you can create your own styles for any holiday party or night out on the town.

For your boyfriend, best friend, and brother

This Q & A from Cosmopolitan caught out eye:

Q: I love my boyfriend, but I hate his dorky hairstyle. What’s a hot hair look for guys right now that he could try?
A: The “in” do for guys at the moment is a very relaxed, lived-in look (à la Seth Cohen from The O.C.). Suggest that your guy aim for a length of about two to three inches so his locks are slightly shaggy. Also, have him toss out any hard waxes or gels he may use and switch to a light styling creme that will bring out his hair’s natural texture, says Vaughn, stylist for Bumble and Bumble Salon in New York City. He should work the creme into his towel-dried hair then twist little sections around his finger to get a soft, tousled look. Try Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme, $26.

Liza Thibodeau, Master Stylist at Haven, agrees with Vaughn saying, “Bumble and bumble Grooming Creme is perfect for the ‘wall street man’ who is always on the go.”

The Grooming Creme gives his playful style light texture and separation without making his hair shiny, or making him have to work for it.

Send your man to Haven to pick up his Grooming Creme or treat him (and help his hair) by picking it up for him.

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