Fit for Fall

Haven Salon and Spa is a leader in first class salon and spa services. Haven is also dedicated to providing a holistic approach to beauty and relaxation. We believe that looking great stems from feeling empowered and confident on the inside.

Along with Haven’s stylists and therapists who provide updated trends, relaxation, and comfort, Haven encompasses the personal and group training services of the Fitness Firm.

“Be healthy, be happy,” says Matthew Kimmeth, Owner of the Fitness Firm. If you take the steps to prioritize your health and wellness your happiness will be a reflection.

Matthew explains that one of the biggest challenges to staying active and eating well is commitment. Here are Matthew’s three tips to stay committed to health and wellness:

1) Schedule your fitness. Make the time for you. Prioritize health and happiness. Do it, do it, do it!

2) Be honest with yourself. Make time for a workout, but know  your limits. Realistic goals that are accomplished provide a sense of fulfillment.

3) Make it social — involve the people in your life with your wellness. Take a class, bike, run, or walk with others. When you go out encourage each other to make healthy choices and share!

To get more information or join a class visit the Fitness Firm’s website

or the Fitness Firm’s studio, which is located inside Haven Salon and Spa at 1700 Sand Acres Drive