Gel Manicure Rumors–True or False?

If you’ve been following the recent debate over gel manicures or if you saw the Good Morning America segment from April 12 on Safer Mani-Pedis you might be concerned about the health risks involved with getting a gel manicure.

Safety is one of our highest priorities at Haven. We are committed not only to staying up to date on hot trends, but also on safety measures for all of our employees and guests.

We are proud to offer the OPI gel color as our product of choice for our extended wear manicure and pedicure services.

Much of the concern with gel manicures is the light that is used. While UV lights have been reported to be harmful to health, at Haven we use an LED light which cures the OPI gel color in 30 seconds compared to the 2 minute cure time of a UV light. LED lights are the same light source that is used in remote controls.

Two chemicals that have raised safety concerns are formaldehyde and methyl methacrylate, neither product is found in any of OPI’s nail colors.

We  guarantee that each service you receive at Haven comes not only with the highest level of customer service but also with  confidence that the products are non-harmful.

Some of the myths concerning gel manicures may be true, but we have carefully selected the products that we carry so that we can stand behind each service that we offer.

Are you ready to get a manicure that will last for two weeks? Breathe easy knowing that when you get it at Haven your nails, skin, and lungs will be protected. Speak with one of our guest service representatives to reserve you spot for an extended wear manicure. (920)339-1111

The Word is Out… Shellac is In!

The ideal manicure consists of two main components: long lasting and a great color. The beauty industry has found a way to turn every manicure into the ideal manicure. UV gel nail polish is a great way to ensure that your manicure still looks salon fresh up to three weeks after your service.

Elaine D’Farley raves about her recent UV gel nail polish manicure in Self Magazine, “they’ve lasted for three weeks without a single nick.”

Haven is offering the wonderful, chip free service known as Shellac. The Shellac service can be added to any manicure for $15 or as a standalone manicure for $35 at Haven.

It’s time to give your nails the pampering they deserve! Call Haven at 920-339-1111 or go online at to schedule your appointment.